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Mountain expedition and the long drive home to Lijiang

Tour to Tiger Leaping Gorge and Shangri-La: Day Two

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Another super early start for us; breakfast at 6.30am! Breakfast consisted of some kind of noodle dish, rice-like porridge and some steamed bread rolls. In the dark it was kind of hard to tell what we were eating but we tucked in regardless, thankful for something hot as it was freezing cold outside!

First stop today was a visit to the local climbing store to buy some oxygen for the visit to the top of Snow Mountain! This we were not expecting. I figure if we need oxygen canisters to go and visit somewhere, we probably shouldn't be going there! Luckily our surrogate father explains how many canisters we needed and how to work them (thankfully not too complicated). We really would have been lost without him! Jo and I also decided to hire some long thick coats for our 'expedition'. We looked completely ridiculous! The coats were massive (see photo above) and because we were so cold we put all three of our hoods up (hoodie, jacket and coat). Our appearance again providing some amusement for everyone else on our tour!

Up the mountain we went, puffing on our oxygen canisters! It took two long cable car rides to get the top. Half way up we stopped at the visitor centre to drink some tea to help our bodies cope with the altitude and also to have a walk around the pretty Yunshan meadow.

At the top of the mountain we were blown away by the view (and almost literally blown off our feet from the biting wind)! There was even some snow at the top!! Stunning! We spent about half an hour at the top admiring the view and taking some photos (when we could bear to take our hands out of our coats)!

Then back down to the coach...poor Jo got a headache from the altitude so we made sure to get some more tea on the way down to try and help! We also had some people from our tour give us random bits of spiced meat to eat on the way down the mountain. It tasted really good (no idea what it was though)!

Lunch!! Another proper Chinese meal! Loads of veggies and rice and some random meat we couldn't identify. It was tasty! There was a little cart selling some fruit next to our coach so Jo and I decided to buy some oranges. Before we knew it, our surrogate parents were there helping us, weighing the fruit, speaking to the seller, passing our money over etc... So sweet of them! We did give them a pack of Oreos to thank them for being so lovey to us. Hope they liked them!

Then the long drive back to Lijiang. There was a stop at a random Tibetan style house on the way back. Not everyone got off so Jo and I decided to just doze in the coach with those that stayed on (we were exhausted)!

The rest of the day was spent in the coach. We did have a couple of rest stops on the way which were a source of comedy themselves. The style of toilets at these rest stops are not something that we're used to; just a long trench with hip height walls separating each 'cubicle' (no privacy doors). At one rest stop, Jo was unfortunately the last one into the toilets and so had to use the 'cubicle' right by the door. The rest of us therefore waited patiently until Jo was ready before opening the door. Unfortunately for Jo a couple of the ladies waiting could not stop themselves from staring even in this situation!

On getting back into Lijiang we stopped at KFC before getting a taxi back to our hostel in Shuhe! We felt like we deserved it!! And it was sooo good!

Tam xx

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What a weekend! By now your Chinese should be good. It sounds like a real adventure full of suprises! Hope you have recovered. Tons of love Mom and Trev xxxxxxx

by cathy hodgson

Oh my word! Your trip looks amazing! loving the pics, especially the ones of you 2 in the long coats clutching your oxygen!

Happy Birthday.....wish I was there to see that! I like your thinking though something nice and short! Ahahahaha.

Can't believe I'm at work in an office in the completely flat word of cambridge while I'm looking at this!

Have an awesome time when you go to see the cormorant fishermen!!


Oh and PS: poor you Jo getting the end 'cubicle' : (!

by Adam

Spent a while yesterday catching up on your exploits, seems like you are having an amazing time!
You have packed so much in already, suprised your not exhausted! Anyway, keep enjoying it, keep safe and I look forward to more blog entries :)

by Liam

I love the coats, they look amazing!! Reminds me of fleecy hehehe.. sounds like you've seen some incredible places over there, totally jealous, except for the oxygen things.. i'm agreeing with the 'dont go to places where you cant breathe' philosophy. My fave thing so far has to be the fat pandas, so cute. Also, I'm intrigued as to how you two look so glamorous whilst travelling, its impressive.

In reply to your glastonbury query Hobo, I have no clue who is playing yet! Wont find out for a while..I'm not actually that bothered, I just want to go :o) Other exciting news: I managed to finally get in to watch X factor last night, and I was (as you can imagine) ridiculously excited!! I failed to kidnap Dermot though, bah!

Hope you two have another fab week, no more flashing hobo!!! xxx

by Bobbington

You've both had me laughing - sounds fab and the photos are stunning. Happy birthday??? Just as well they couldn't understand. Lotsa love, T

by Tracey

Every day is certainly full of surprises mom! Unfortunately our Chinese has not improved at all...we're getting by just fine though :-) Lots of love xxx

by Tam-Jo

Hehe yes happy birthday was the first thing we could think of which wouldn't leave us standing up there singing for ages :-) xx

by Tam-Jo

Liams! You're reading this thing!! Yay!! Hehehe! Yes, jam packed trip! Can't believe I ever led any of you lot to think it would be anything else ;-)

Bobcicle, clearly I was the Glastonbury/X-factor curse! Am disappointed in you for coming home without a Dermot though! Must try harder in future!!

Jo xx

PS glad you're finding the photos amusing Adam :-p Hehehehe

by Tam-Jo

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