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So after our epic day or so's travelling we all made it to Gili Meno safe and sound, if a bit knackered. Waking up this morning was quite the experience, seeing as we arrived in total darkness last night... we truly are in paradise, or if not pretty damn close - white coral beaches, palm trees and did I mention its abolutely boiling, you get the idea. Last night was spent in a small bamboo A frame and soon after breakfast (a mixed bag of tropical fruit platters and bannana and choclote pancakes) we were shown the bamboo house we will be spending the next few days in. AMAZING! A two storey bamboo house fully equipped with balcony and hammock. You can see and hear the sea from all the rooms and most importantly from the hammock/balcony.

After a swift moving of bags to the new pad we all quickly ventured down to the beach and in to one of the very nice Kabannas, as Jo calls them, (a bamboo beach gazebo type thing). After about thirty minutes we all decided it was toooo hot (this was going to become a common theme, nothing to worry about as far as I am concerned, minus a 'bit' of sunburn) so ventured in for a swim.... seriously I've had colder baths (those of you that know me will know that I occasionally have a tendency to exaggerate, I can assure you that this is not the case here). After some lunch of fried squid and salad, which Jo and Tam seemed very pleased about after so much curry in India, we had a walk around the island; about an hour walk.... we are pretty much the only people here.

On to the evening....Tuna Burger..... yes please!!!! We were not the only people who thought this was a good choice and met the acquaintance of a very small black cat....aka....Bat Cat! (he has MASSIVE ears!). Cue the poker and Bombay Sapphire on the balcony, good times!

Day two in paradise followed a smiliar theme of beach, sun, more fried squid rings and salad; which I caved in on this time to avoid any possible food envy! A good choice. Me and Jo went snorkling after lunch and saw a sea snake and two turtles just out on the reef in front of where we were staying. The snorkelling here was better than we both expected and to see all that straight off was awesome... we are slowly developing 'sign language' for when we spot anything of interest or potential danger. The sign for a jelly fish is a clenched fist with the other hand wiggling below it. Defintely need to have these things sorted as I will discover in a few days (I'm writing this a few days on) after been stung on the bollock and top lip.... nice!.... More poker and Bombay Sapphire and some whisky for me (it really doesnt take much to be a milionaire out here, a picture says a thousand words, see above!).

A quick trip to the neighbouring island, Gili Trawangan, was in order today for a bit of an explore but also to use its cash point. Jo and Tam picked well, Gili T as it is known, is a lot busier and generally a different scene to Meno, i.e. a lot of people getting smashed and listening to trance music etc... it was a nice trip out for the day though and satisfying to know we are all much happier where we are :-) Also don't want to say it seeing as I seem to have mentioned food a lot but 'monster ribs' was on a menu, 2 whole racks and the most ridiculous portion of calamari......it ws a nice change to only have to order one meal instead of my minimum of 2 mains and a desert where we were staying, great food but just not enough... I think the staff are beginning to find it a bit funny.

Over the next couple of days everyone has become a bit more accustomed to doing nothing and relaxing, so we did exactly that. More shennanigans with Bat Cat...my word he is persistent, although I can relate to his fear of not knowing where his next meal is coming from; I have been know to get the food fear even when going out of the house for a bit...

It is rainy season here, not that it has rained yet, but times time and the thunder started directly over head with lightening hitting the sea a bit too close for comfort... cancel the swimming this afternoon! Balcony and more poker, but it never really rained and the storm passed before it really started. A good excuse to stay on the balcony though.

On another quick walk around the island me and Tam both managed to mangle our feet. Tam's feet got hit by some coral boulders in the surf and mine was, I have to say, not quite as unexpected... there was a small log which had been burnt at one end perfectly placed to be kicked so I couldn't resist, momentarily forgetting that I was wearing flip flops... huge splinter right underneath my big toe nail!!! Jo and Tam will verify this. After a quick beer and a bit of work with the pen knife it was removed. No more kicking things for me!

More snorkelling for the 3 of us, which was as epic as before but minus the turtles. Fingers crossed we see some more and maybe some dolphins for Jo on the Komodo tour. More sunbathing then over to Lombok and the Perama tour for the Komodos, and over to Tam.

Adam : )

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Ouch Adam!!! And you still appear to be smiling!

by Mum and Dad (Ven)

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